Would you love to own a motorhome but don’t think you can afford it or will make enough use of it to justify ownership? Do you already own an RV and are finding that you can no longer afford the payments? Is the driveway of your Sacramento home becoming too crowded? Do you know someone else who finds themselves in one of these situations?

At Affordable RV Adventures, LLC in California, we specialize in all things RV, including RV rental consignment.

Our rental consignment program is a way for you to use your own motorhome when you want to, while bringing the cost of ownership down. Leave your RV with us, and we will rent it out for you. We do the advertising, handle the calls and emails, screen the clients, arrange for insurance coverage, store your RV, and keep it clean, regularly inspected, and serviced by our own mechanic. You can still book it for your own use whenever you want by just calling us in advance to reserve the time frame you would like.

Contact us today at (800) I’m-RV-a-Go (467-8246) with any questions regarding RV rental consignment, or send us an email using the form below.

In order to rent an RV from Affordable RV Adventures, the customer’s own private vehicle insurance must have a special binder specific to the recreational vehicle. If not, the customer must purchase rental insurance online before being allowed to reserve with Affordable RV Adventures, eliminating the need to worry while your RV is being rented out.

We treat all RVs in our consignment program as if they were one of our own. All of the rules and high standards set for our own RV rentals will also be applied to your motorhome. Our trained technicians will be sure to keep your RV in optimal working order.

For more information and RV consignment contract details, contact us in Sacramento by calling (800) I’m-RV-a-Go (467-8246), or by filling out the form above.